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71249-0 Report Abstract

State Multimodal and Intermodal Transportation: An Overview of Policies and Programs Promoting Economic Growth

Leigh B. Boske and C. Michael Walton. The University of Texas at Austin, 1989, 346 pp.

The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive overview of state efforts to use multimodal and intermodal transportation plans, programs, and projects to promote economic development or to respond to competitive market considerations. (Multimodal commonly refers to the integration of two or more modes of transportation in planning and related functions whereas intermodal refers to the actual integration of these transportation modes in a specific project or operation). Information was obtained from a number of different sources: published material on state and local transportation plans, policies, programs, and projects; class seminars and lectures involving invited experts and specialists from different fields; long-distance telephone interviews; and field trips to a number of states.

This report is composed of three chapters and four appendices. Chapter 1 serves as a primer on public-sector involvement in transportation. Chapter 2 presents a comprehensive overview of transportation activities within the state of Texas. Chapter 3 summarizes the economic development and transportation plans, programs, and projects of thirteen states and their localities (especially metropolitan planning organizations–MPOs).

Appendix A contains the individual reports on the eight states visited, while Appendix B contains those of the five states contacted by telephone. Appendix C discusses the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The port authority is unique in terms of the scale and variety of its multimodal and intermodal operations. Finally, Appendix D contains a copy of the questionnaire that was developed to provide a formal structure for all interviews.

Keywords: Multimodal, Intermodal, Transportation Plans, Economic Development, Transportation Policies

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