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71245-1 Report Abstract

The Impact of Changing Demographic Trends on Transportation Planning

Naomi W. Ledé. Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1991, 48 pp.

This study was designed to provide a reliable database on the effects of regional demographic, economic, and technological trends on transportation needs and demands in Federal Region VI. Baseline projections on regional growth patterns and shifts, transit use, changing sociodemographic characteristics, transit costs and funding requirements were developed for use in planning and decision making. The objectives of this study were:

  1. Collect and analyze data on regional demographic characteristics and track shifting relationships between economic growth and transit use;
  2. Develop a comprehensive database and conceptual framework on regional demographic, economic and selected transit system indicators;
  3. Disseminate information to the transportation industry, governmental officials and other organizations.

Data was collected on an on-going basis for use in determining changes in demographic and employment characteristics and for predicting future needs and demands. A framework and methodology was developed for use in designing a comprehensive model comprising a regional database aimed at assessing regional transportation requirements to the year 2005 and beyond.

Keywords: Regional Demographic Forecasts, Economic Trends, Technological Trends, Transit Use, Planning

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