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72198-1 Report Abstract

A Compilation of Articles Reviewing the Proximity of Residential Communities to Surrounding Employment Centers

Shirley J. Seaborn and Earl Washington, Texas Southern University, March 1994, 50 pp.

This document provides the reader with a review of pertinent reference materials dealing with residential-employment patterns for evaluating public service delivery. It includes: (1) References categorized by Land-Use, Energy and Environment; and (2) Materials pertaining to general research studies in the area of residential employment linkages.

The form of the bibliography and its accompanying annotations may provide a guide to other source material. It is not intended that every available reference be included in this document. Only those studies anticipated to be within the framework of the follow-up study have been included. An update of articles will be included in future documents.

Keywords: Residential-Employment Patterns; Energy; Land-Use; Environment; Service Delivery; Alternative Routing

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