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60011-1 Report Abstract

Evaluating Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Timothy Lomax, Vergil Stover, Gary Carlin, Ron Jensen, David Landmark, Johnnie Pate, David Schrank, Edward Sulak and Shawn Turner, Texas A&M University, August 1994, 162 pp.

Over the past two decades there has been an increasing awareness of the need to develop a more energy efficient transportation system. This research explored the relationship between energy efficiency and transportation by analyzing the relationship between energy efficiency and specific aspects of transportation. This research analyzed the relationship between land use patterns and transportation energy use, urban congestion and excess energy use, local bus operations and energy efficiency, park-and-ride services and energy efficiency, and vehicle speeds in an urban environment and energy efficiency. This report also provides an example of an analysis of fuel efficiency and vehicle delay under various transportation scenarios in Houston, Texas.

This research highlighted a number of findings that can have a significant impact on energy savings to the citizen of Texas. If the results of this research are utilized to develop policies that encourage energy efficient land development, and policies that encourage the placement of transit routes in corridors with favorable socioeconomic characteristics, increased energy efficiency may be expected to result. Similarly, if the findings of this research, which illustrate that fuel savings are associated with decreased congestion, provide the impetus for operational and other measures that reduce congestion to be implemented, then increased energy efficiency may be expected to result. Finally, if the methodology presented for the analysis of potential fuel savings is incorporated into procedures to analyze transportation alternatives, then significant energy savings may be expected to result.

Keywords: Energy Efficiency, Urban Mobility

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