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60028-1 Report Abstract

Developing Transit Availability Measures and an Index of Transit Service Availability

Russell H. Henk, Sarah M. Hubbard, Timothy J. Lomax and Gordon A. Shunk, Texas A&M University, July 1995, 106 pp. (60028-1)

This study involved the development of an index of transit service availability (ITSA). This index utilizes the factors which most effectively quantify the availability of public transit service (both bus and rail) in an urban area at a macroscopic planning level.

The development of the index consisted of applying over 30 prospective measures of transit service availability of 228 urban area transit systems in the United States. The index utilizes three specific measures which quantify transit service coverage, frequency of transit service, and transit system capacity. The index developed in this study is designed to serve as a planning tool – it is not intended for use in assessing transit system efficiency and/or performance.

Keywords: Transit, Public Transportation, Transit Service Availability, Availability Index

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