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72194-4 Report Abstract

Graduate Student Papers on Advanced Surface Transportation Systems

Texas A&M University, August, 1995, 488 pp. (72194-4)

This document is the culmination of the fifth offering of an innovative transportation engineering graduate course at Texas A&M University entitled, “Advanced Surface Transportation Systems”. The fifth offering of the course was presented during the summer 1995 term. As part of the course, a Mentors Program provides students with unique learning experiences. Six top-level transportation professionals from private enterprise and departments of transportation, who are leaders in their field and who have extensive experience with Intelligent Transportation Systems, were invited to Texas A&M University to present a 2-day Symposium on Advanced Surface Transportation Systems at the beginning of the summer term. Immediately following the Symposium, the students enrolled in the course participated in a Workshop with the transportation professionals and course instructor. Based on mutual interests, each student was assigned to one of the professionals who served as a mentor (along with the course instructor) for the remainder of the summer term. Each student worked with his/her mentor and course instructor to identify a topic area and objectives for a term paper. In addition to discussions with the course instructor, the students (communicating via telephone, fax, e-mail, and mail) worked directly with the mentors throughout the term while preparing their term papers. The mentors returned to the Texas A&M University campus near the end of the summer term to hear and critique the student’s presentations.

Keywords: Advanced Traffic Management Systems, Advanced Traveler Information Systems, Congestion Management, Incident Detection, Commercial Vehicle Operations, Variable Message Signs, Automated Highway Systems, HOV Facilities

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