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465110-1 Report Abstract

Improved Traffic Signal Coordination Strategies for Actuated Control

Carroll J. Messer and Ramanan Nageswara, Texas A&M University, August 1996, 92 pp. (465110-1)

This report documents research conducted to develop better strategies to use with traffic actuated control in coordinated signal systems. Recommendations are presented on more efficient strategies for coordination using actuated control. Representative arterial traffic control problems were modeled into a statistical testbed using TRAF-NETSIM. A set of scenarios covering a range of arterial geometry, traffic volumes and traffic actuated control settings were tested and evaluated. PASSER II-90 was used to develop base signal timing plans.

Chapter One describes the various objectives that were intended to be achieved by this research. It also discusses signal coordination strategies for actuated control. Chapter Two presents the background information and various traffic engineering simulation models available for use in this study.

Chapters Three and Four explain the study methodology adopted for this research and the results obtained for the various study scenarios, respectively. Chapter Five presents the conclusions and recommendations of the research.

Keywords: Traffic Signal, Signal Coordination, Actuated Control, Traffic Actuated, PASSER II-90, TRAF-NETSIM, Arterial Signal, Progression

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