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721917-2 Report Abstract

Positive Guidance and Older Motorists – Guidelines for Maintenance Supervisors

Frances A. Greene, Rodger Koppa, Katherine Rodriguez, and Samantha Wright, Texas A&M University, December 1996, 101 pp. (721917-2)

This is a field manual designed for maintenance supervisors and resident engineers responsible for repair and replacement of traffic control devices on highways and streets. Standards and practices have not always taken in account the realities of the performance to be expected from a growing minority in the United States, the older motorist. After describing some aspects of older motorists performance in basic terms, sections are presented on signing, signals, pavement markings and other traffic control provisions. Using the principles of Positive Guidance pioneered by Alexander and Lunenfeld of the Federal Highway Administration, suggestions are offered for improving the flow of information from the highway to the older motorist, which indirectly makes driving easier for everybody.

Keywords: Older Motorist, Older Driver, Traffic Control Devices, Positive Guidance, Signs, Signals

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