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72195-1 Report Abstract

Perspectives on Three Issues Facing the Transportation Manager in the Nineties

Carol A. Lewis, DeLinda Marzette and Barney McCoy, Texas Southern University, March 1999, 52 pp. (72195-1)

The nineties have been a period of tremendous change for the transportation industry. The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, Clean Air Act Amendments, Americans with Disabilities Act, and increasing gender and ethnic diversity have caused agencies to reassess their standard operating procedures. Greater knowledge has been sought by senior level transportation officials in an effort to prepare agencies for the changing policy, including, seminars and workshops, revisions to policy manuals, and strengthened procedures regarding how issues will be resolved. This research examines the level and nature of direct impacts on the transportation organization. Major legislative changes and mandates have imposed the need for changes in how transportation systems operate. Transportation professionals continue to be challenged to develop plans and implement services that respond to mandates within the framework of the legislation.

Keywords: ADA, Clean Air Act Amendment, Gender Awareness, Transportation Policy

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