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472840-00075-1 Report Abstract

The Implications of Privacy Issues for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Data

Valerie Briggs, C. Michael Walton, University of Texas at Austin, May 2000, 183 pp. (472840-00075-1)

The purpose of this report is to develop appropriate guidelines and institutional models for the management of sensitive data collected through intelligent transportation systems (ITS). This task is performed through the examination of current regulations, policies, and practices regarding sensitive ITS data and through receipt and characterization of input from data users and stakeholders. ITS applications and technologies that raise privacy concerns are defined as those that potentially enable the identification or singling out of a specific vehicle or occupant. Both current and emerging technologies that have this capability are identified. An in-depth analysis of electronic clearance and electronic toll collection systems, ITS applications with established track records in dealing with privacy issues, reveals appropriate practices and identifies potential stumbling blocks in the collection, storage and distribution of sensitive data. Recommendations of data handling practices are made based on these findings. Potential secondary users and uses of sensitive ITS data are identified through a survey of professionals in the ITS industry. This is followed by a discussion of forums for sharing data without compromising data confidentiality. The conclusion establishes public and private roles and responsibilities for data handling and identifies opportunities for partnerships.

Keywords: Archived Data User Service (ADUS), Privacy, Electronic Toll Collection, Electronic Clearance, Legal Issues, ITS, Partnerships, Public-Private

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