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466010-1 Report Abstract

An Evaluation of Third-Party Coordination Among Service Providers in the Greater Houston and Harris County Area

Edward Owens and Carol A. Lewis, Texas Southern University, March 2003, 27 pp. (466010-1)

As the Houston-Galveston urban area strives to attain air quality standards mandated by the Clean Air Act Amendment, acquisition of federal funds remains competitive, and the cost of doing business continues to rise, it will become increasingly more important for third-party service providers to coordinate their services. The purpose of this study is to document the efforts of numerous organizations’ activities to improve coordination among third-party service providers in the Greater Houston and Harris County area. The study will provide background information and a literature review of third-party coordination across the country. The study will examine the feasibility and development of a demonstration project aimed at coordinating the service operations of selected third-party providers in the Greater Houston area. Additionally, the study will highlight the findings from a research project conducted by Multisystems aimed at developing a Transportation Coordination Model for Harris County. Next, the study will provide perspectives from the Harris County Transportation Coordinating Council, including the American Red Cross, Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC) and the Office of Community Transportation Services regarding third-party coordination in Harris County. Finally, the study will provide a summary of current efforts and suggestions on ways to further enhance third-party coordination in Houston and Harris County.

It is hoped that this report will serve as a valuable guide to transportation providers, transportation planners, policy officials, social service agencies and other interested parties.

Keywords: Coordination, Transportation, Third-Party

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