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167551-1 Report Abstract

The Impact of U.S.-China Trade on Multimodal Transportation Systems and the Economies of Texas and Mexico

Leigh Boske, Timothy Box, Moira Foreman, Abhay Kantak and Phillip Savio, University of Texas at Austin, September 2005, 121 pp. (167551-1)

This report examines the dynamics of U.S.-China trade, its implications for the economies of Texas and Mexico, and the role of trans-Pacific transportation supply chains. Part I of the report discusses the emergence of China as a major U.S. trading partner, the extent to which China has become a direct competitor with Mexico in terms of exports to the United States, and opportunities and challenges that this competition poses to the economic growth prospects of Texas. Part II addresses transportation infrastructure and logistics within China, trans-Pacific ocean shipping lines and their scheduled services, U.S. West Coast ports and connecting landbridge rail services, and alternative routes via the Panama Canal, Mexico’s West Coast ports, and the Suez Canal. Two appendices contain information on trends in U.S. international trade and trans-Pacific maritime routes and services.

Keywords: U.S.-China Trade, Supply Chain, U.S. Transport Network

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