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167261-1 Report Abstract

International Air Cargo Operations and Gateways: Their Emerging Importance to the State of Texas

Leigh B. Boske and Hee Deok Cho, University of Texas at Austin, July 2011, 81 pp. (167261-1)

Air cargo transport has become particularly important in today’s expanding global economy for the movement of high-value goods such as electronics, computer components, precision equipment, medical supplies, auto parts, and perishables. Air cargo operations allow fast, frequent, and predictable transit as an increasing number of companies out-source manufacturing to remote locations of the world. Decreasing product cycles for high-value, high-technology goods have made fast delivery to markets essential. In addition, local industries have become global traders, who can reach consumers worldwide.

This report examines the potential of Texas-based airports, especially Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport and the Houston Airport System, to emerge as international gateways for global trade in general and trans-Pacific trade in particular. The period covered is 2001 to 2006.

The report is composed of four chapters. The first chapter examines global, U.S., and Texas air cargo trends. The second chapter addresses air freight performance and activities at Texas airports. The third chapter discusses the relationship between air cargo/passenger operations and their impacts on local economic development. The final chapter discusses the policy implications for the State of Texas.


Keywords: Air Cargo, Cargo Hubs, Trans-Pacific Trade

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