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60023-1 Report Abstract

Review of Energy-Related Studies: A Selected Bibliography

Laurence F. Jones (Angelo State University) and Shirley J. Seaborn, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1991. 63 pp.

This study is designed to address one phase of a detailed study on energy consumption by selected public transit systems in the United States. Although there are a number of factors that influence energy consumption, particular attention is given to energy-related studies in areas such as energy conservation and transportation planning, alternative fuels, public policy issues, energy consumption studies, alternatives and related programs.

This document focuses on the first task of a study designed to analyze and assess existing energy conservation programs in public transit and measures employed for achieving maximum efficiency and increased mobility in urban areas. The task undertaken for this study involved the identification and review of pertinent literature, documented reports, and other survey data on energy-related issues and how they impact the urban transportation planning process and fuel consumption.

The form of the bibliography and its accompanying annotations is intended to provide a guide to a particular area of interest; some direction relative to various types of energy consumption/conservation measures employed by public transit systems; and other alternatives for fuel conservation. It is not intended that every available reference be included. Only those studies within the general framework of the study, as described, have been included.

Keywords: Energy Consumption, Energy Conservation, Transportation Planning, Alternative Fuels

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