As of October 1, 2016, the SWUTC concluded its 28 years of operation and is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived SWUTC website remains available here.

SWUTC Completed Research

Start Date
Project Number Project Title Principal Investigator University
9/1/12 0-6613 Evaluate Binder and Mixture Aging for Warm Mix Asphalts Charles Glover TAMU
9/1/12 0-6614 Use of Recycled Asphalt Shingles in HMA Fujie Zhou TAMU
9/1/12 0-6629 Texas-Specific Drive Cycles and Idle Emissions Rates for Using with EPA’s MOVES Model Reza Farzaneh TAMU
9/1/12 0-6638 Preparing for EPA Effluent Limitation Guidelines Jett McFalls TAMU
9/1/12 0-6658 Collection of Materials and Performance Data for Texas Flexible Pavement and Overlays Lubinda Walubit TAMU
9/1/12 0-6672 Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan Ed Seymour TAMU
9/1/12 0-6674 Improving Fracture Resistance in Asphalt Binder with Verification Fujie Zhou TAMU
9/1/12 0-6676 Rapid Field Detection of Moisture for Base and Subgrade Stephen Sebesta TAMU
9/1/12 0-6683 Develop a Pavement Project Evaluation Index to Support the 4-Year Pavement Management Plan Nasir Gharaibeh TAMU
9/1/12 0-6688 Evaluation of the I-10 Katy Freeway Managed Lanes Ginger Goodin TAMU
9/1/12 0-6702 Development of Pedestrian Crash Countermeasures & CRF Kay Fitzpatrick TAMU
9/1/12 0-6714 Surface Treatments to Alleviate Crashes on Horizontal Curves Mike Pratt TAMU
9/1/12 0-6722 Spread Prestressed Concrete Slab Beams Mary Beth Hueste TAMU
9/1/12 0-6737 Methods to Maximize Toll Revenues Curtis Beaty TAMU
9/1/12 0-6738 Performance Studies and Future Directions for Mixes Containing RAP and RAS Fujie Zhou TAMU
9/1/12 0-6744 New HMA Shear Resistance & Rutting Test for Texas Mixes Lubinda Walubita TAMU
9/1/12 0-6758 Maintaining Project Consistency with an Emphasis on Maintaining Air Quality Conformity Reza Farzaneh TAMU
9/1/12 0-6762 Maximizing Mitigation Benefits – Making a Difference with Strategic Inter-Resource Agency Planning John Overman TAMU
9/1/12 0-6769 Wrong Way Driving Countermeasures Melisa Finley TAMU
4/1/12 161202 Developing the Urban Mobility Report and Congested Corridors Report David Schrank TAMU
5/1/12 161242 Evaluating Safety Performance and Developing Guidelines for the Use of Right Turn on Red (RTOR) Yi Qi TSU
11/1/12 161302 Developing the Urban Mobility Report and Congested Corridors Report David Schrank TAMU
11/1/12 161303 Next Generation Safety Performance Monitoring at Signalized Intersections Using Connected Vehicle Technology Praprut Songchitruksa TAMU
11/1/12 161304 How do Travelers Perceive and Value Time Reliability Mark Burris TAMU
11/1/12 161305 Strategic Transportation Finance Clearinghouse David Ellis TAMU
11/1/12 161306 Developing the TTI Erosion Lab to Become Hands-on Training and Educational Center for Transportation Professionals and Students Ming-Han Li TAMU
11/1/12 161341 Hot Spot Analysis of Teen Drivers in Houston Texas Gwen Goodwin TSU
12/1/12 161342 Use of Directional Median Openings on Urban Roadways Yi Qi TSU
4/1/12 600451-00006 A Comprehensive Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures in Compression Yuqing Zhang TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00007 A Comprehensive Mileage-based User Fee (MBUF) Equity Impact Analysis Tina Geiselbrecht TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00008 Decision Theory Models for Selecting Traffic Control Devices Gene Hawkins TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00009 Sustainability of Transportation Structures Using Composite Materials to Support Growth and Trade Stefan Hurlebaus TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00010 Enhanced Adaptive Signal Control using Dedicated Short Range Communications Yunlong Zhang TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00011 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Voice-to-Text Programs at Reducing Incidences of Distracted Driving Christine Yager TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00012 Fatigue Modeling of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Field Samples to Ensure a State of Good Repair Amy Epps Martin TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00013 Improvements to the Urban Mobility Report Methodology Bill Eisele TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00014 Novel Transit Signal Priority under Connected Vehicle Framework Kevin Balke TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00015 U in the Driver Seat Stacey Tisdale TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00016 Decision-Support Framework for Quantifying the Most Economical Incentive/Disincentive Dollar Amounts for Critical Highway Pavement Rehabilitation Projects Kunhee Choi TAMU
4/1/12 600451-00017 Travel Surveys: Moving from Tradition to Innovation Stacey Bricka TAMU
1/7/13 600451-00025 Controlling Electrical Conductivity of Asphalt Concrete for Multifunctional Applications Philip Park TAMU
1/7/13 600451-00026 Zone/fleet Sizing for MAST (Mobility Allowance Shuttle Transit) Services Luca Quadrifoglio TAMU
1/7/13 600451-00027 Forecasting the Impacts of Shale Gas Developments on Public Health and Transportation Systems on Both Sides of the Mexico-USA Border Zenon Medina-Cetina TAMU
1/7/13 600451-00028 Sustainability of Bridge Foundations Using Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization to Support Transportation Safety Sefan Hurlebaus TAMU
1/7/13 600451-00029 Policy Implications of Automated Vehicles on Texas Highways Ginger Goodin TAMU
10/1/12 600451-00041 The Impact of the Conversion of Incandescent Bulbs to LED Bulbs for Traffic Lights in Houston: A Step Toward Sustainable Control Devices Khosro Godazi TSU
10/1/12 600451-00042 Exploring Sustainable Transportation for Texas Southern University Gwen Goodwin TSU
10/1/12 600451-00043 Developing a Methodology for Projecting Intercity Commuting Carol Lewis TSU
10/1/12 600451-00044 Left-Turn Lanes at Unsignalized Median Openings Yi Qi TSU
5/1/13 600451-00045 Safety Performance of Different Types of Freeway Weaving Segments Yi Qi TSU
5/1/13 600451-00046 A Case Study of Severe Environmental Justice Communities in the Houston Region Gwen Goodwin TSU
5/1/13 600451-00047 The Effect of the City of Houston Transit Corridor Ordinance on Development Along METRO’s Light Rail Corridors Carol Lewis TSU
5/1/13 600451-00048 Transportation Designs and Concepts to Make Houston METRO’s Southeast Line at Palms Area More Livable Khosro Godazi TSU
3/1/14 600451-00049 A Synthesis Report of Purpose and Need: Assessment of Event Egress for Houston’s NRG Stadium Carol Lewis TSU
2/1/15 600451-00050 Intercity and High Speed Rail Passenger Distribution Carol Lewis TSU
5/1/12 600451-00062 Workability of Asphalt Binders at Mixing Temperatures for Hot and Warm Mix Asphalt Amit Bhasin UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00063 The Transportation-Related Causes and Consequences of Land Use Change Chandra Bhat UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00064 Local Infrastructure to Support the Widespread Use of Hybrid/All Electric Vehicles: What Programs and Public Policies are Likely to Work to Promote Environmental Sustainability and Livable Communities Leigh Boske UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00065 Game Theory and Traffic Assignment: Refinements, Stability, and Tractability Stephen Boyles UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00066 Multistate Megaregion Freight Planning Benefits: Evidence from Louisiana-Texas Rob Harrison UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00067 Life-cycle Costs and Benefits of Different Land Use and Transportation Patterns Kara Kockelman UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00069 Development of an Interactive GIS Based Work Zone Traffic Control Design Tool Randy Machemehl UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00070 Developing a Research Agenda to Increase Cycling in the African American Community: A Case Study of Austin, TX Talia McCray UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00071 Quantification of Infrastructure Consumption under Different Axle Configurations and Wheel Loads Jorge Prozzi UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00072 Private vs. Public Financing of Transportation Systems Michael Walton UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00073 Transportation Funding for a Changing Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet: Pricing Model and Evaluation of Impacts on Society Michael Walton UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00074 Future Mobility Demand in Megaregions: A National Study with a Focus on the Gulf Coast Ming Zhang UT-Austin
5/1/12 600451-00075 Develop a System to Support Preparation of Life-Cycle Budget Needs for Highways (Continuation of SWUTC Project 161128 Funded in FY11) Zhanmin Zhang UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00076 Micro Crack Growth in Recycled Asphalt Mixtures Amit Bhasin UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00077 A Novel Approach to Modeling and Predicting Crash Frequency at Rural Intersections by Crash Type and Injury Severity Level Chandra Bhat UT-Austin
9/1/13 600451-00078 Examining the Market Potential for Natural-Gas-Powered Trucks: Barriers and Opportunities for Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Economic Prosperity Leigh Boske UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00079 Game-theoretic Analysis of Dynamic Traffic Equilibria Stephen Boyles UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00080 Impact of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) on Freight Flows in the Texas-Louisiana Megaregion Rob Harrison UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00081 Anticipating Long-Term Energy and GHG Emissions Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles Kara Kockelman UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00082 Real Time Optimization of Passenger Collection for Commuter Rail Systems (continuation of 600451-00068) Randy Machemehl UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00083 Improving the Reliability of Automated Freeway Incident Detection Using Multiple Real Time Data Sources Randy Machemehl UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00084 Changing Perceptions of Cycling in the African American Community to Encourage Participation in a Sport that Promotes Health in Adults Talia McCray UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00085 Effect of Aggregate Micro- and Macro-texture on Pavement Skid Resistance Jorge Prozzi UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00086 Financial Arrangements for Alternative Delivery Techniques for Transportation Programs and Projects Michael Walton UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00087 Policy Implications of Emerging Vehicle and Infrastructure Technology Michael Walton UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00088 Identifying the Local and Regional Travel Effects of Activity Centers in the Austin, Texas Area Ming Zhang UT-Austin
1/1/13 600451-00089 An Integrated Approach to Managing the Transportation System Zhanmin Zhang UT-Austin
6/1/15 600451-00090 Boundary Conditions Estimation on a Road Network Using Compressed Sensing Christian Claudel UT-Austin
11/1/12 600451-00101 Mega-Region Traffic Modeling Project Brian Wolshon CETR/LSU
11/1/12 600451-00102 Calibration of the Louisiana Highway Safety Manual Brian Wolshon CETR/LSU
11/1/12 600451-00103 Effects of Changing Driving Conditions on Driver Behavior towards Design of a Safe and Efficient Traffic System Fereydoun Aghazadeh CETR/LSU
11/1/12 600451-00105 Use of Containers to Carry Bulk and Breakbulk Commodities and Its Impact on Gulf Region Ports and International Trade James Amdal CETR/UNO
11/1/12 600451-00106 Cooperation and Competition – Regional Transportation Planning and Competitive Federal Awards Catherine Lowe CETR/UNO
11/1/12 600451-00107 States’ Tools for Connecting Transportation and Affordable Housing Catherine Lowe CETR/UNO
11/1/12 600451-00108 The Confluence of Transportation and Economic Activity in a Mega Region Disaster Bethany Stich CETR/UNO
11/1/12 600451-00109 Accessing the Mega-Region: Evaluating the Role of Livable Community Patterns in Gulf Coast Mega-Region Planning Billy Fields CETR/UNO
5/1/13 600451-00111 Use of Infrared Thermography to Control the Quality of Joints Construction and to Detect Reflective Cracking in Asphalt Pavements Mostafa Elseifi CETR/LSU
5/1/13 600451-00112 Assessment of Vehicle Performance in Harsh Environments Using Driving Simulator and Numerical Simulations Steve Cai CETR/LSU
5/1/13 600451-00113 Manual Traffic Control for Planned Special Events and Emergencies Brian Wolshon CETR/LSU
5/1/13 600451-00114 Analysis of Evacuation Clearance Time Under Megaregion Disaster Threats Brian Wolshon CETR/LSU
9/1/13 600451-00115 Transportation and Access to Opportunity: Metropolitan Size User Experience, and Employment Quality Kate Lowe CETR/UNO
9/1/13 600451-00116 The Tensions and Opportunities of Historic Preservation and Transit Oriented Development: Developing a Policy and Tools for Preservation in TODs John Renne CETR/UNO
9/1/13 600451-00117 Achieving Regional Fare Integration in New Orleans: Innovative Cost Sharing Arrangements and Technologies John Renne CETR/UNO
9/1/13 600451-00118 Assessing the Potential for Gulf Coast NAFTA Maritime Trade Corridors Bethany Stich CETR/UNO
9/1/13 600451-00119 Evaluation of Complete Streets Policy Implementation by Metropolitan Planning Organizations Tara Tolford CETR/UNO