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60027-1 Report Abstract

The State-of-the-Art of Alternative Fuels: A Review and Annotated Bibliography of Theoretical, Empirical and Case Studies

Naomi W. Ledé and Mohammed Hamid, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX, 1992, 70 pp.

This annotated bibliography was compiled during the initial phases of the study designed to assess costs associated with fuel conversion projects in selected public transit systems. It is also the prelude to a relatively in-depth analysis of those energy-related projects that specifically address energy conservation and alternative fuel issues as well as technology transfer. In addition, this phase of the study provides comprehensive information for use by researchers in the field. It is designed to guide scholars whose interest are in applied research, and to aid transportation planners in their research and technology efforts to develop viable alternatives to transportation fuels currently in use.

Keywords: Methanol, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Liquid Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Alternative, Alcohol, Vegetable Oils

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