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71247-1 Report Abstract

The Technical, Engineering, and Economic Feasibility of a High-Speed Ground Corridor

Rob Harrison, Moh’d Suliman, and B.F. McCullough, University of Texas at Austin, May 1993, 49 pp.

Despite the considerable effort devoted to transportation planning and design system development over the past 30 years, there has not been widespread application of the resulting new technology. This is now changing. As city freeways become increasingly congested, the need to incorporate design innovations that provide for safe and efficient transportation facilities becomes greater than ever.

As this paper reports, advanced technology in information systems, automation, and telecommunications can potentially yield not only cost savings and productivity improvement, but new developments in transportation as well. This study, providing an overview of the state of the art of this technology, explores the research opportunities available for implementing such technology in the creation of a safe and efficient high-speed ground corridor, one that will be capable of meeting the alarming projected traffic demands of the future.

Keywords: High-Speed Highways, Texas 2020, Automated Traffic Management Systems, Corridor Signing, High-Speed Vehicles, Driver-Vehicle Interface, Vehicle-Highway Interface

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