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721911-1 Report Abstract

A Review and Annotated Bibliography of Factors Contributing to Decreasing Productivity

Shirley Seaborn and Gwendolynmary Simpson, Texas Southern University, July, 1993, 52 pp.

A vast storehouse of information exists on nearly every subject of concern to the transit industry. Much of this information has resulted from both research and the successful application of solutions to the problems faced by practitioners in their daily work. Because no systematic method has been previously identified for compiling such information and making it available to the entire transit community, the Center for Transportation Training and Research presents this study that searches out and synthesizes useful knowledge from available sources and creating a state-of-the-art document on current practices in the subject area of concern.

This annotated bibliography is a comprehensive analysis that will serve to reduce employer weaknesses and increase employee strengths for optimum performances. This manual is designated for dissemination to various transit managers for use in human resource management.

Keywords: Worker Absenteeism, Attitude, Environment, Motivation

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