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30070-1 Report Abstract

Develop an Improved Energy Module for Use in HPMS

Jeffery L. Memmott, Texas A&M University System, October 1993, 107 pp.

This report covers the work during the first year of a project to upgrade the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) for use in Texas for estimating the current needs of the highway network in Texas and making forecasts of future needs. The objective of the project is to develop an improved energy module to make more accurate estimates of energy consumption and savings attributed to highway investment strategies.

This report documents a series of equations developed to calculate vehicle operating costs. The equations cover vehicle use consumption of fuel, oil, tires, depreciation, and maintenance. The coefficients of these equations are contained in an external data file that can be read and updated without requiring changes to the program in the future. A subroutine to read the coefficient data file is also included.

Recommendations for further work on HPMS are also included. This includes use of HPMS in making short and medium term forecasts, and incorporation of economic analysis in HPMS.

Keywords: Highway Performance Monitoring System, Calculation of Fuel Consumption, Vehicle Operating Costs

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