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72192-2 Report Abstract

Bus Route Guidance Information Design: A Manual for Bus and Light Rail Transit Systems

Rodger J. Koppa and Laura L. Higgins, Texas A&M University System, February 1994, 55 pp.

This guide contains suggestions and approaches for bus route guidance information design and represent the authors’ best understanding of current practice and the research literature. In some cases, where relevant research was not available, the authors have not hesitated to use their best judgement on approaches to information design, particularly in the area of color coding and its uses. References in the text to sources for the design approaches have not been given, in keeping with the use intended for this manual, a first resource in designing or redesigning guidance information, rather than as a research report. An annotated bibliography of the studies and other resources from which the design ideas in this Guide were drawn, is provided as an Appendix.

In the course of the development of this Guide, 100 transit companies and operations were contacted by mail and telephone. Ultimately, 65 of these operations sent route guidance materials for the authors to study. Assimilation of these materials produced the design ideas presented in this Guide.

Keywords: Route Guidance, Bus, Light Rail, Transit

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