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721911-2 Report Abstract

An Assessment of Factors Affecting Employee Performance in Austin, Texas: The Public Transit Industry: A Case Study of Capital METRO

Naomi W. Ledé, Shirley J. Seaborn and Raquelle Wooten, Texas Southern University, June 1994, 84 pp.

This study was designed to provide methods to better manage human resources in public transportation and evaluate personnel and their productivity. An assessment of the work environment at Capital Metro in Austin, Texas was conducted. The functional areas of training, scheduling, and job structure comprised the essence of the survey. The survey was used to address productivity, motivation, stress and other relevant factors affecting the manager’s and employee’s performance in the work environment. The four objectives of the study were to: 1) collect data on how management has structured the organization in meeting the tasks demanded of various types of workers such as vehicle operators, maintenance crews, and management; 2) identify comparable data on other service industries with operating characteristics similar to those in public transit; 3) explore alternative approaches for structuring work to meet operating requirements; and 4) develop a training module for increasing productivity by improving employee motivation and performance based on these data.

Data were collected from a sample of all employees of Capital Metro in Austin, Texas for use in determining changes in work performance. Based on the survey data a framework and methodology were developed for designing a comprehensive model aimed to reduce the stress factors to lead to increased employees’ work performances throughout the regional transportation industry. Selected findings on related factors and their impacts were discussed in detail. The findings encourage an atmosphere of mutual responsibility on the part of both management and employees for attaining the highest possible level of performance.

Keywords: Productivity, Motivational, Stress, Absenteeism

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