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60052-1 Report Abstract

Procedures for Planning and Implementation of Third-Party Transportation Services

Carol A. Lewis and Ronald E. Goodwin, Texas Southern University, August 1995, 54 pp. (60052-1)

This study was designed to identify third party transportation providers and evaluate the extent of third party services currently provided in the Harris County region. The three specific objectives for this study were to: (1) identify third party transportation service providers in Harris County and the State of Texas, (2) analyze vehicle utilization, efficiency and standardization and (3) examine opportunities for brokering various social service agencies. The methodology used to accomplish the objectives of this research included two phases. Phase one centered on the identification and selection of area social agencies that provided some form of transportation for their clients. Presently, social service agencies operate transportation services independently of each other. Thus, this survey was also designed to identify the characteristics of transportation services in an attempt to provide coordination between the various agencies. The findings of this study showed that the majority of the agencies surveyed are willing to participate in a demonstration program. These results will be used to establish the goals and procedures of a future coordination project. Using the analysis of phase one, phase two resulted in the compilation of a directory of agencies providing third party transportation in Texas.

Keywords: Third-Party Transportation, Social Service Agency, Vehicle Utilization

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