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465600-1 Report Abstract

Performance Measures and a Framework for Decision-Making Under the National Transportation System

Ned Codd and C. Michael Walton, University of Texas at Austin, September 1995, 71 pp. (465600-1)

The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) requires the development of a National Intermodal Transportation System, more commonly referred to as the National Transportation System (NTS). The primary goals of the NTS are to monitor the nation’s transportation network, in all modes and for freight as well as passengers, and to support national transportation planning and policy that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the network.

In order to do this, the NTS must evaluate the transportation network based on its performance, regardless of mode. Therefore, the NTS must have as its basis a set of measures applicable to different modes, that reflects the varied goals of ISTEA, in the areas of mobility, environmental, social, and economic performance. This report proposes performance measures for the NTS, as well as a decision-making framework for utilizing them. It also provides background on the environment in which these performance measures will be used by examining the ISTEA legislation, the NTS initiative, and potential data sources for supporting these performance measures.

Keywords: National Transportation System (NTS), ISTEA, Performance Measures, Data Requirements, Intermodal

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