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465550-1 Report Abstract

Implementation of the Urban Roadway Management System

Farrukh Sohail, Terrence Dossey, W. Ronald Hudson, University of Texas at Austin, April 1996, 139 pp. (465550-1)

Preservation of existing roads and streets has become a major activity for all levels of government. Deteriorating urban roads and reduced funding are a major problem for the local governments. Funds designated for pavements must therefore be used as effectively as possible. For the effective and efficient management of urban roadway network, regulations calling for the involvement of Metropolitan Planning Organizations in the development and implementation of Pavement Management Systems were established by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. Considerable effort is now under way at state and local government levels for developing and implementing PMS. The Urban Roadway Management System (URMS) was developed at the University of Texas at Austin. URMS provides small to medium sized cities with a simple, flexible, and user-friendly PMS. Implementation of such a system can save money for both the agency and the user, and improve not only the efficiency but also the effectiveness of decision making involved in managing pavements.

This project aims at the demonstration of the use of URMS through its implementation in small to medium sized cities. The implementation was decided to be carried out at two levels. At the first level, the City of Lampasas was directly assisted in the implementation. At the second level, the City of Terrell was assisted via telephone in the implementation. The report documents the strategy and process of implementation of URMS. The process involved nation wide surveys to identify candidate cities for the implementation, final selection of cities using results of the surveys, and implementation of URMS in the cities selected.

Keywords: Pavement Management System (PMS), Urban Roadway Management System (URMS), Surveys, Micro Paver, Candidate City, Network, Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Subsystems, Networks

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