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721932-2 Report Abstract

Bus Route Guidance Information Design: A Manual for Bus and Light Rail Transit Systems – Second Edition, Incorporates ADA Guidelines

Rodger Koppa and Laura Higgins, Texas A&M University, December 1996, 88 pp. (721932-2)

Design guidelines and information are offered for static signage and handout information to assist transit riders in route planning and guidance. An earlier version of the manual was published in 1994. The manual now incorporates Americans with Disability (ADA) design guidelines, and also has an Appendix which is comprised of a digest of ADA Accessibility Guidelines applicable to bus and light transit stop design. The manual provides concise and explicit advice on how to design signs at stops, transfer points, and terminals for street and system maps, route maps and timetables, route and direction designation, and locator signs. Information is also given for the design of timetables and system maps for distribution to riders. 100 transit companies were surveyed by mail and telephone of which 65 sent specimens of their route guidance material. This material helped the authors arrive at these suggestions, however, in some cases the authors had to rely upon their Human Factors and Ergonomics backgrounds to provide guidance in the absence of consensus.

Keywords: Transit, Route Guidance, Public Accommodations, Signage, ADA

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