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472840-00073-1 Report Abstract

Trip Planning Behavior of Tourists: San Antonio Case Study

Yadira La Luz Pagan, Hani S. Mahmassani and Mariette Kraan, University of Texas at Austin, January 2000, 117 pp. (472840-00073-1)

In order to serve tourists effectively, we need to understand what motivates them and what influences the various travel-related decisions they make. People travel for various reasons, including business, to visit friends and relatives and for recreation. Travelers make decisions about destinations, accommodations, modes of transportation and attractions. In order to reach such destinations, travelers rely on various sources and types of information while planning and conducting their trips. Pre-trip planning usually is done before departing on the trip, en-route planning occurs during the trip and on-site planning takes place once the traveler reaches the destination and during the rest of the trip. With the increased development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), especially Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS), in Texas, there is a need to determine how this advanced technology can help unfamiliar travelers such as tourists plan and conduct their trips. Advanced Traveler Information Systems acquire, analyze, communicate, and present information for use in assisting travelers in moving from a starting location to their desired destination. The overall goal of this study is to analyze the behavior of travelers and determine their desires and preferences for information when planning and conducting trips to unfamiliar areas. This report presents results obtained from a comprehensive mail-back survey conducted with the visitors of San Antonio. A general framework of the trip planning process is developed through the analysis of the survey. Also an analysis is presented on how Advanced Traveler Information Systems can satisfy the trip planning needs of travelers and enhance the service of providing real-time travel information to help visitors plan and conduct their trip.

Keywords: Real-Time, Traveler Information Services, ITS, ATIS, Non-Commuting Trips, Travel Behavior

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