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167203-1 Report Abstract

Implementation of a Database and Information System for Forensic Investigation of Pavements

Zhanmin Zhang and Chunrong Zhou, University of Texas at Austin, September 2002, 106 pp. (167203-1)

This report describes the implementation of a database and information system for forensic investigation of pavements by enhancing the 1998 version of the ForenSys database software. The enhanced ForenSys database software can serve as the center component of an integrated forensic information and analysis system for analyzing forensic related data and information and producing forensic reports. In the study, a literature review on the basic concept and current practice of forensic engineering has been performed; the system design concept of the relational database has been applied; the 1998 version of the ForenSys database software has been improved; the guidelines of using the ForenSys software have been developed; and a computerized procedure for automatically importing PMIS data and Layer data to the ForenSys database has been developed.

Keywords: Forensic Investigation, Database, Information Systems, Pavement Management Systems

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