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167520-1 Report Abstract

A Parameterized Consideration Set Model for Airport Choice: An Application to the San Francisco Bay Area

Gozen Basar and Chandra Bhat, University of Texas at Austin, October 2003, 54 pp. (167520-1)

Airport choice is an important air travel-related decision in multiple airport regions. This report proposes the use of a probabilistic choice set multinomial logit (PCMNL) model for airport choice that generalizes the multinomial logit model used in all earlier airport choice studies. This study discusses the properties of the PCMNL model, and applies it to examine airport choice of business travelers residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Substantive policy implications of the results are discussed. Overall, the results indicate that it is important to analyze the choice (consideration) set formation of travelers. Failure to recognize consideration effects of air travelers can lead to biased model parameters, misleading evaluation of the effects of policy action, and a diminished data fit.

Keywords: Air Travel, Metropolitan Area Planning, Discrete-Choice Models, Hazard Duration Models, Traveler Behavior

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