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0-5597-1 Report Abstract

A Synthesis of Warm-Mix Asphalt, Joe W. Button

Cindy Estakhri, and Andrew Wimsatt, Texas A&M University, July 2007, 94 pp. (0-5597-1)

This synthesis documents the results of a comprehensive review of worldwide information dealing with the following issues as related to warm-mix asphalt (WMA) technology:

  • current state of the art/practice of WMA,
  • benefits and costs of WMA technology
  • plant modifications to accommodate certain WMA processes,
  • mixture design and analysis,
  • pavement structural design,
  • durability and performance,
  • performance-related testing,
  • quality control,
  • specifications, and
  • construction guidelines.

A summary of findings and recommendations is provided. Also included in this synthesis is a complete documentation of the first warm-mix asphalt field trial conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Keywords: Highway Construction, Warm-Mix Asphalt, Hot Mix Asphalt

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