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473700-00049-1 Report Abstract

A Synthesis of Transportation Emissions Research: Current Status and Future Directions

Lei Yu, Shichen Jia, and Qinyi Shi, Texas Southern University, April 2008, 111 pp. (473700-00049-1)

Transportation related emissions are one of the dominant contributing sources of air pollutants today.   Considering the negative impacts of transportation related emissions on our social and economic environment, extensive efforts have been made by researchers and practitioners attempting to find solutions to reducing emissions.  In order to synthesize these research efforts, various reviews of relevant studies have been conducted by researchers.  However, because of the diversity of the topics, most of existing reviews have only focused on specific and narrowed areas.  Further, none of the existing reviews has attempted to summarize the researchers’ personal opinions on the current research and their prospects of the future research directions.  Therefore, this report is intended to fill this gap by conducting a comprehensive review of the research on transportation related emissions and implementing an extensive survey to the transportation emission professionals.  In the report, a review of existing research and developments on each of the emission related topics is provided, which is followed by a presentation of the respective survey results and analysis.  Future research directions in this field are presented based on the findings of the review and results of the survey.  As a conclusion, current research status is summarized for each topic and recommendations are made for future research directions.

Keywords: Transportation Related Emissions, Review Study, Emission Survey, Emission Sources, Emission Modeling System,  Emission Measurement Technologies, Emission Research Directions

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