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0-5546-1 Report Abstract

Protecting and Preserving Rail Corridors Against Encroachment of Incompatible Uses

Lisa Loftus-Otway, C. Michael Walton, Lynn Blais and Nathan Hutson, University of Texas at Austin, January 2009, 194 pp. (0-5546-1)

Rail Corridor preservation and planning for the purpose of reducing or restricting incompatible development is an area of growing importance. This report provides an overview regarding encroachment and the elements that contribute to potentially incompatible development along rail corridors. The report reviews the legal tools that currently exist within Texas for corridor preservation and provides recommendations for new legislation, including draft legislation. The report then reviews the state of practice of corridor planning and preservation with mitigation against encroachment both in Texas and in selected other states around the country. The report pays special attention to incidents in which rail corridors are envisioned to host both freight and passenger services and the implications on land use. Finally, the report provides a review of costs associated to deal with encroachment, whether by planning, preservation, collaboration, or mitigation.

Keywords: Corridor Preservation, Encroachment, Transit Oriented Development, Incompatible Land Use, Shared Track, Rail Relocation

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