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476660-00044-1 Report Abstract

RFID Applications in Transportation Operation and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu, Rong Zhang, Zhiyuan Chen, and Reza Fatholahzadeh, Texas Southern University, June 2009, 57 pp. (476660-00044-1)

Radio frequency identification (RFID) transmits the identity of an object or a person wirelessly. It is grouped under the broad category of automatic identification technologies with corresponding standards and established protocols. RFID is suitable for applications in different industries and has penetrated into several aspects of our lives. The versatile features and benefits of RFID technology have proven that RFID can be widely applied in the field of transportation to improve driving safety, reduce vehicle collisions, and even help reduce vehicle emissions. Generally speaking, the applications of RFID in transportation are still limited and are not scanned and summarized well. This paper aims to conduct an extensive literature review to identify the existing and potential applications of RFID and its research opportunities and needs in transportation. Existing applications in transportation fields have been identified such as safety, operation – including Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII), security, policy, etc. Obstacles that possibly frustrate the wide and in-depth applications of RFID in the transportation area are in the aspects of technology, cost, policy, and privacy. RFID is one of the most forceful technologies that will affect a variety of aspects in transportation including ITS. It is believed that RFID-based technologies can be extensively exploited to improve transportation safety and security, increase the efficiency of the transportation system, ultimately save costs, and, therefore, improve the quality of human lives.

Keywords: RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, Automatic Identification, Wireless Communication, Intelligent Transportation System, Transportation Applications

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