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476660-00003-2 Report Abstract

Compendium of Student Papers: 2009 Undergraduate Transportation Engineering Fellows Program

H. Gene Hawkins, editor, Texas A&M University, October 2009, 106 pp. (476660-00003-2)

This report is a compilation of research papers written by students participating in the 2009 Undergraduate Transportation Scholars Program.  The ten-week summer program, now in its nineteenth year, provides undergraduate students in Civil Engineering the opportunity to learn about transportation engineering through participating in sponsored transportation research projects.  The program design allows students to interact directly with a Texas A&M University faculty member or Texas Transportation Institute researcher in developing a research proposal, conducting valid research, and documenting the research results through oral presentations and research papers.

The papers in this compendium report on the following topics, respectively: 1) appropriate time-to-clear values for use in developing left-turn lane warrants; 2) driver behavior at freeway interchanges with horizontal signing; 3) quality assurance in speed data collection methods at high speeds; and 4) measuring traveler’s willingness-to-pay for time savings.
Keywords: Time-to-Clear, Left-Turn Lane; Driver Behavior; Freeway Interchanges; Horizontal Signing; Quality Assurance; Speed-Data Collection Methods; High-Speed; Traveler’s Willingness-to-Pay; Time Savings

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