As of October 1, 2016, the SWUTC concluded its 28 years of operation and is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived SWUTC website remains available here.

476660-00072-1 Report Abstract

Operational and Vehicular Strategies for Reducing Fuel Consumption and GHG Emissions from Trucking

Melissa Thompson and C. Michael Walton, University of Texas at Austin, August 2011, 99 pp. (476660-00072-1)

Reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is becoming increasingly important in the United States, and new legislation can be expected in the near future that will affect trucks either directly or indirectly. This work is a qualitative examination of operational strategies for reducing fuel consumption from freight trucking, and also compares them with vehicular strategies. A focus is placed on who implements, benefits from, and pays for each strategy, and what type of trucking each strategy is applicable to.


Keywords: Emissions, Fuel Consumption, Greenhouse Gas, Heavy Vehicle, Freight

SUMMARY REPORT (Adobe Acrobat File – 800 KB)