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0-6467-1 Report Abstract

Identification of Priority Rail Projects for Texas – Initial Methodology/User Manual and Guidebook

Curtis A. Morgan, Annie Protopapas, Ph.D., P.E., Jeffery E. Warner, Todd B. Carlson, Jun (Jade) Huang, Ying (Sabrina) Li, Leslie E. Olson, Texas A&M University, February 2012, 110 pp.

This project developed a system of evaluative tools for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to prioritize its investments in rail-related projects on a statewide basis.  This work is meant to ensure that the limited available funding for rail projects is applied in the most beneficial and efficient manner and is focused upon addressing TxDOT’s strategic goals.  From the findings, researchers recommend a transparent methodology for evaluating proposed rail projects and establishing an initial process through which rail-related investments can periodically be re-evaluated.

Existing project ranking tools were examined and assessed in order to determine opportunities for direct application or adaptation toward TxDOT uses and objectives.  A set of performance-based criteria for TxDOT-funded rail projects were developed in the course of the project and adopted into the 2010 Texas Rail Plan.  A guidebook to assist local and regional planners in routinely executing the methodology with an example case study project evaluation is also included in the report.  Further refinement of the prioritization process will take place under TxDOT’s Short Term Rail development process in accordance with the Texas Rail Plan.

Keywords: Rail, Project Prioritization, Rail Funding

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