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161027-1 Report Abstract

Getting the Parking Right for Transit-Oriented Development

Ming Zhang, Katie Mulholland, Jane Zhang, and Ana J. Gomez-Sanchez, University of Texas at Austin, March 2012, 154 pp. (161027-1)

Increasingly MPOs in Texas are incorporating Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) or similar concepts into their long-range plans for the purpose of achieving sustainable transportation. One major challenge to implementing these TOD-type strategies is parking. The conventional parking policies likely produce excessive parking, undermining the expected community benefits of TOD and could even cause the TOD initiative to fail. Getting the parking right is essential to ensure the desirable form and functionality of TOD. There are few studies of the topic on Texas cities. The main objective of this study is to report the state-of-the-knowledge on parking regulations and practice influencing the planning, design, and implementation of TOD. The report first offers a narrative review of the published works on TOD-Parking. Based on the review findings it then presents a matrix of best parking practices for TOD. Finally, the report provides an annotated bibliography of TOD-Parking studies. Appendix 1 assembles parking regulations and practice policies in selected cities in the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Keywords: Parking, Transit-Oriented Development, Pricing, Zoning, Austin-Round Rock MSA

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