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161004-1 Report Abstract

Performance Measures for Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Devin Moore, Tara Ramani, Nicolas Norboge, and Katherine Turnbull, Texas A&M University, April 2012, 82 pp. (161004-1)

Performance measurement is a topic of increasing importance to transportation agencies, as issues with funding shortfalls and concerns about transportation system efficiency lead to a shift in how transportation decision making is carried out. In addition to the increased emphasis on performance-based management and accountability, the role of the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) has also gained much significance. MPOs are unique in their role in bridging the gap between various stakeholders in the transportation planning process, and in the expertise and input they provide for transportation decision making. Thus, MPOs play a very important coordinating role in the transportation planning process.
However, individual MPOs differ vastly from one another and often do not have the authority to raise revenue or allocate funds. MPOs often lack the resources to identify and use performance measures. By the use of proper performance measures, MPOs can help guide the local transportation planning process toward achieving higher-level transportation goals.

The aim of this project is to consolidate available knowledge and provide guidance to transportation agencies, specifically MPOs, to help them incorporate performance measurement relating to transportation planning and operations. This research includes a survey of agency practices and agency needs, development of guidance on effective performance measurement and allied issues of strategic planning, goal setting, and data collection.

Keywords: Performance Measures, Metropolitan Planning Organization

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