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169205-1 Report Abstract

Calibration of HERS-ST for Estimating Traffic Impact on Pavement Deterioration in Texas

Jorge Prozzi, University of Texas at Austin, August 2012, 65 pp.

The Highway Economic Requirements System-State Version (or the HERS-ST) is a software package which was developed by the Federal Highway Administration as a tool for evaluating the performance of state highway systems.  HERS-ST has the capabilities of estimating highway system performance and system needs.  It also has the capability of providing investment strategies required to attain a certain level of system performance.  Some states such as Indiana, North Dakota, New Mexico and Oregon have been able to make extensive use of the software.  New Mexico, for example has used the software to provide an assessment for the state’s long term highway needs by running and evaluating various investment scenarios.  The state of Indiana has used the software package in their Long Range Transportation Plan for assessing future system needs and budget planning.  Texas has expressed interest in the HERS-ST software package, but it has been pointed out that the pavement deterioration model used by the HERS-ST software package to estimate pavement wear is inaccurate.  This study focused on disaggregating the pavement deterioration model used by the HERS-ST to better understand its process with particular emphasis on traffic characteristics.  This report presents a methodology that can be used to calibrate the model for state specific conditions.

Keywords: HER-ST; PSR; Pavement Deterioration Estimation

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