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476660-00054-1 Report Abstract

Transit Agency Strategies that Encourage Mixed Uses around Stations

Carol Abel Lewis, Sandra Onyejekwe, Darlene Collins and Kenneth McGaughay, Texas Southern University, August 2012, 46 pp.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a mixed-use residential or commercial area designed to maximize access to public transportation that often incorporates features to encourage transit ridership.  Varied interests must be represented to implement TOD.  Developers present concepts and financial backing, governments create guidelines or zoning that facilitates TOD, community stakeholders voice desires about their neighborhoods and transit agencies implement the transit improvement that serves as the initial catalyst.  This research focuses specifically on the role of the transit agency in encouraging development proximate to transit and investigates selected transit authorities within the United States to determine what strategies and steps they are taking to facilitate proximate desirable development around their stations.

Keywords: Transit Oriented Development, TOD, Transit Agencies, Mixed-use Communities

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