As of October 1, 2016, the SWUTC concluded its 28 years of operation and is no longer an active center of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The archived SWUTC website remains available here.

TAMU – Ph.D. Candidate Assistantship Program

This competitive program selects Ph.D. candidates at Texas A&M University for a maximum of 12 months of salary support while dissertation is being completed. Candidates are chosen based on the quality and value of the proposed research. The goal of this program is to expedite the progress of students to complete doctoral requirements and begin their careers as transportation leaders.

Research initiatives funded through this program:

Start Date Project Number Project Title Student Name Status
1/1/13 600451-00019 Fatigue Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures Affected by Water Vapor Movement Yunwei Tong Complete
9/1/12 600451-00020 New Methodologies for Analyzing Freeway Traffic Flow Characteristics Yajie Zou Complete
9/1/12 600451-00021 Analytic Models for Traffic Signal Control Kai Yin Complete
9/1/12 600451-00022 Development of a Performance-Related Specifications Methodology for Pavement Preservation Treatments Litao Liu Complete
12/1/12 600451-00023 Examining Decision-Making Surrounding the Use of Managed Lanes by Katy Freeway Travelers: A Prospect Theory Approach Chao Huang Complete
1/1/13 600451-00024 Platoon-Based Arterial Signal Coordination with Uneven Double Cycling Hongmin Zhou Complete
9/1/13 600451-00033 Link Travel Time Estimation Based on Network Entry/Exit Time Stamps of Trips Wen Wang Complete
9/1/13 600451-00034 Mechanism Design for Ridesharing Services Wei Lu Complete
9/1/13 600451-00035 Flexible Base Course Performance Prediction of Roadway Infrastructures through Nondestructive Tests Hakan Sahin Complete
9/1/13 600451-00036 Real Options Analysis to Value Managed Lanes Sunghoon Lee Complete
9/1/13 600451-00037 Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty into Pavement Network Maintenance and Rehabilitation Budget Allocation Decision-Making Jose Menendez Complete
9/1/13 600451-00038 Arterial Signal Coordination with Multi-class Macroscopic Modeling and Dedicated Short Range Communications Kamonthep Tiaprasert Complete
9/1/14 600451-00039 Marine Transportation System Maintenance Optimization Mohammadadel Khodakarami Complete
10/1/15 600451-00051 Methodologies for Developing Driveway Functional Areas for Urban Corridor Access Management Yanfen Zhou In Progress
10/1/15 600451-00052 Integration of Heuristics and Statistics to Improve the Quality of Network-Level Pavement Condition Data Salar Siabil Complete
10/1/15 600451-00053 Modeling and Measuring Deformation of Freezing Concrete: Towards the Identification of D-Cracking Susceptible Aggregates and Construction of all Concrete LNG Tanks Syeda Rahman Complete


For more information on either of these programs please contact:
Dr. Gene Hawkins
Associate Professor
Zachry Department of Civil Engineering
Texas A&M University
[email protected]